At first I did not like him, but now I do.

I really want her near me.

I guess I was right.

I'm not sure how to proceed.


My dream is to be the First Lady.

There are no exceptions.

I'm getting sick of this.

Have you seen my jacket?

Try to live within your means.

Are you unhappy, Huashi?

I've seen what happens to anyone who opposes Real.


Don't get angry with Those.

Cristopher is assertive.

Strictly speaking, you are wrong.

There's a safe somewhere in Erik's house.

Mark wrote down his new teacher's name so he wouldn't forget it.

Don't let it get to you.

She's very unpredictable.

I'm not good at sports.

We have only one lesson today.

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Jeany's left arm is broken.


Tell me what you want. Do you want me to pass or you want to save fuel, like a duck?

Did he have sandwiches for lunch?

Why don't you and Melinda do it?

I followed Thad there.

He is deliberate in his action.

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Are you making any progress toward a solution to your problem?

I shouldn't have yelled at you.

After unsuccessfully attempting to fix her computer's browser, Christine had enough of it! Feeling drained, she slammed the lid of the laptop shut determined to be done with the volatile thing!

It's complicated, isn't it?

An hour has sixty minutes, and a minute has sixty seconds.

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The skyscraper's elevators ascend at an astonishing rate of speed.

Let us know if you see Earl.

They will not eat meat.

I couldn't help falling in love with you.

Angelina Jolie had a double mastectomy.


It matters little what kind of books one reads, so long as one has sound judgement.

I don't intend to explain anything.

She will sell her house.

You've helped me and I also want to help you.

For a moment, I was left speechless.


I have to wake up at 6:30.

Who told us to do that?

If one has the right to live, then one should also have the right to die. If not, then living is not a right, but an obligation.


Despite being a sunny day, it is cold.

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I believe this may be a correction after investigation of his date of birth in the family register.

Under the circumstances we have no choice but to surrender.

There's nothing else for me here.

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Sanford was a lieutenant.

This bad practice will gradually die out.

It was dark when I reached the hotel.

They agreed to save themselves for marriage.

You can be pretty helpful when you want to be.

Sergeant is getting paranoid.

Toby finds it much easier to speak French than English.

Jonathan's parents cannot stand Bertrand.

Can you call me back later?

To my way of thinking, that was his mistake.

The baby seems to be asleep.

You've come up in the world since the last time I saw you.

Stanley is getting married tomorrow.

In molecular gastronomy, no boundaries are set on the creativity of the cooks.

I never for a moment imagined that you would show my letter to Susan.

If he will not work hard, he will be fired.

I'm not upset about her.


He's insatiable.

Don't let anyone enter the room.

After Skip was promoted to managing director, Jochen told him to splurge on the made-to-measure Italian suit he'd always wanted but never before could afford.

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For the elderly, wounds take more time to heal.

I don't believe her.

They're going to do it.

As a matter of fact, he's going to the states.

I thought you were going to be here yesterday.

Vince drank three glasses of water.

You should get out more.

Is Gerard around?

Are you going to tell Tammy?

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This is very dangerous.


Put this Japanese into English.

Where's your watch?

"How did you know it was I?" she asked, laughing. "My love for you told me who you were."

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I'm sorry, but I'm already dating someone.

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What a lousy camera!

Coral bleaching occurs when corals become heat-stressed enough to expel their primary source of food, the microalgae that live inside their cells. This leaves the coral looking as white as if they had been soaking in bleach.

On the whole, the elite are not sensitive to criticism.

The one and only reason that Jon learned Mongolian was for the "party effect", namely, in order to show off at events.

Alex isn't giving up yet.


Refreshments will be sold.

This train makes connections with a ferry-boat at Takamatsu.

It warrants your attention.

Damone gave Case what she needed.

We sought to come to terms with them.

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Proverbs are full of wisdom.


I was taken advantage of.

She advises him on technical matters.

I acted the part of a fairy.


I suppose you've already bought a ticket.

Why can't you just call him?

Perhaps I was too harsh on Hy.

I just want to talk to you.

About how many times a month do you wash your car?

It is true that he is good at playing golf.

The typical elements of a foreign culture are changed into the typical elements of the local culture of translators.


His overcoat is worn out.


Please accompany me.

Why didn't you tell me you were Canadian?

I think it's time we made some changes.


We're going on a picnic tomorrow.

The blood test is normal.

He is to phone me this afternoon.

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Someone caught me by the arm.


I'll have to wait and see.

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This is his letter, but it is not signed.

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I'm still not thinking straight.

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I've come to like the picture more than ever.

I just assumed you'd be here.

I might be able to arrange that.

I get lonely at times.

At about this time, Lucius Cornelius Sulla, after becoming the dictator of Rome, thought that Caesar was a political threat to his rule.

She has bought a new computer.

Reiner has trouble making both ends meet.


I couldn't eat anything at all.

Today was the worst day in Sarajevo.

The two of them split up.

I am remembering their addresses.

I bought you a kite.

He's always asking silly questions.

Alf prayed.

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I saw five airplanes flying away like so many birds.

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To each group of people its language, and a second, common to all.

I call Ritalynne a lot.

Louis was in a coma.


I'm not the one who kept secrets from you.

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I heard you need help.

You should always do your best.

Major broke Carl's mug.

I'm doing OK.

No one in the class runs as fast as he does.

It is better to risk saving a guilty man than to condemn an innocent one.

There's nothing to celebrate.


Space didn't even try to help.


I want to tell Justin I love her.

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Lindsay didn't want to do something he would regret.

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I want to walk.

What did Dion call me?

My brother fell out of a tree and broke his arm.

We continued chatting.

Huashi wasn't at the party.

One notices readily, Ethel, that French blood courses in your veins.

Manolis fell into the pool.

We are bedridden with fever.

Dan's body was found in a well with fifty stab wounds.

We sew with a needle.

We tend to use more and more electric appliances in the home.


Let's see if anything changes.

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It's their business.

Oh that I had never been born!

What's the minimum salary in Bulgaria?

Dan tried to contact Linda's family.

The ship changed its course.